Benchmark data: Email capture and follow-up via voice

Email capture rate.

46.3% average annual email capture rate in 2022

Every reservation sales team can expect to hear from thousands of guests each month. This presents an enormous opportunity for hotels to drive direct bookings. But staying in touch with those guests is critical, and capturing email addresses is one of the best ways to do so.

The average annual email capture rate for 2022 was 46.3%. This percentage only reflects emails that did not lead to bookings. The rate fluctuated a bit throughout the year. It ranged from a 41% email capture rate in September to a 54% email capture rate in January.

Touchpoints per booked call.

Note as well that once agents have captured guests’ email addresses, it’s far easier to continue the conversation with guests via a few channels. And that’s huge. Remember, many guests aren’t going to be ready to make a booking during their first call. They may need to verify something with a partner first or double-check their work schedule. That certainly explains why the average number of touchpoints per booked call can be up to 3 in some cases.

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