Benchmark data: LATAM A/B test and drip performance

Impact of drip series on one-time campaigns.

LATAM isn’t utilizing drip series on automated campaigns

While regions like NAM used every available option for drip campaigns, LATAM didn’t use this tactic as extensively. In fact, the only measurable data we gathered from LATAM hoteliers’ automated campaigns came from one-time events and announcements emails and one-time room offer emails.

This region also isn’t using drip series for automated campaigns, at least not enough for us to collect meaningful data. There’s a huge opportunity here because automated drip campaigns tend to be among the highest-performing emails for other regions.

The good news is that LATAM hoteliers can very likely see improvements in email performance simply by deploying more automated drip campaigns.

As for one-time drip campaigns, performance was lower than it was for standard one-time campaigns. This may be due to the fact that the emails within the series aren’t differentiated enough, which can lead to diminishing performance. It’s also possible that guests are being overwhelmed by too many emails. Yes, it’s possible to send up to 5 messages per sequence, but it’s better to keep it to 3 emails or fewer per campaign.

Revinate benchmark 2023 LATAM one-time campaigns using A/B testing

When you look at the results of A/B testing for one-time events and announcements campaigns, you can see the average open rate was 39.4% and the average click-through rate was 3.4%, both of which were higher than for standard events and announcements campaigns. But when it came to the average conversion rate, A/B campaigns barely registered compared to the average 0.3% conversion rate that standard campaigns saw.

Also, A/B testing only started to be used extensively for newsletters in the last year. This means that LATAM hoteliers should focus on analyzing their results to pinpoint which tactics were most effective.

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