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10 non-negotiables of a reservations call

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |0.7 min read|

By now, you will have downloaded “10 Do’s and Dont’s for Your Call Center.” If not, do so!

Now that you’ve read the guide, you’ve probably dissected all of the top tips and are making adjustments. Or maybe, you’re getting ready to implement some changes.

But did you pay attention to the 10 non-negotiables? Have you thought about each individual phone call that takes place in your call center? Each call matters! There are 10 non-negotiables for a reservations call. Is your team covering those 10? You could be missing out on key guest connections and relationship development. Part of securing that booking comes from the interaction on the very first call with your prospective guest. So study up, and don’t miss out on that revenue.

Infographic that spells out 10 essential recommendations for reservation sales agents.



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