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10 Ways to Get Quick Answers to Your Tech Support Questions

In today’s increasingly modern world, hoteliers are bound to experience an issue that requires them to talk to a technology vendor’s support team. If you are like me, you hate getting stuck in the virtual help line, blinded to the amount of time it will take to get to the checkout. Don’t worry: we know how you feel and we are here to help. These ten tips, gathered from support experts, will get you the help you need faster so that your issues are resolved without a hitch.

1. Search the help desk.

Technology vendors and service providers often publish answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on a help desk site, along with helpful articles and videos. Many times, you can avoid the support ticket queue altogether and answer your own question quickly with the resources provided. If you are thinking it, it’s likely others have also asked the same question.

2. Contact the right service provider.

Not finding what you are looking for on the helpdesk? It’s time to contact your service provider. If you are not sure who to contact look for the support phone number or email on the website of your vendor. Nothing will waste more of your time than contacting the wrong vendor and getting tossed back and forth between different support lines.

3. Write in your native language.

If you feel more comfortable writing in your native language, go ahead and do so. With the advent of technology, most support teams can translate your message. Some support teams have bilingual team members to assist you. So go ahead, write in the language you feel most comfortable communicating in. Don’t worry, we can translate.

4. Introduce yourself.

Support teams want to be able to help you as quickly as possible. If they know who you are, where you work and what position you hold, it’s much easier for them to start resolving the issue. Including this information in your first email to them will cut down on a lot of back and forth, saving you time and frustration.

5. Tell me the product name.

Identify the product in question. Many companies offer more than one product. For example, if you experience issues with an Apple product, the company has different support teams for different products, like the iPhone, iPad, etc. You would need to submit a support ticket for the product that is causing the issue. By identifying the product, support techs can immediately start troubleshooting the right issue, rather than spending time on finding the product you might be referring to and come back with an answer sooner.

6. Be specific.

Often times, the problem you are encountering can be caused by multiple different things. In order to help customer support narrow it down, you should try to provide them with as much detail as you possibly can. If you are at a loss for words or can’t think of the right terminology to describe the error, take a screenshots and include them in the message. Not only do screenshots help you explain the unexplainable, they can also shed light on details you didn’t think to mention or notice.

7. Tried anything?

If you tried fixing the issue yourself and failed, let the support team know! Any troubleshooting steps you attempted yourself are worth sharing. The steps you took to troubleshoot could be similar to theirs and ultimately, could save you and the agent time going through possible causes.

8. Be patient.

Once you send out your inquiry and customer service confirms that they’ve received it and understand your issue, trust that they are working on it! However be sure to inform them if your inquiry is urgent and needs immediate attention.

9. While you wait…

If during the time you are waiting to hear back, you come across new and useful information about the issue, feel free to follow up and share any new findings. This could help your vendor’s support team eliminate some possible causes and help reduce the time it takes to resolve the problem.

10. We <3 feedback

Every business knows that in order to keep and maintain a happy customer, they need to have a strong customer service department. This is why the feedback you provide is so important. Your input will help customer support figure out what they are doing right or wrong. Businesses LOVE customer support feedback!

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