Stop, Collaborate and Test! Simple Steps You Must Take Before You Hit “Send”

Stephen King novels, a zombie apocalypse, clowns. I can think of only a few things more frightening than pressing “send” on an email campaign that is about to go out to thousands of subscribers. The fear of sending out something that isn’t 100% perfect is enough to make your heart race and palms sweat.

However, pressing “send” doesn’t have to be scary. By following these simple steps below, you can feel confident that your campaign will go out error free and packed with valuable content.


First thing’s first, stop and take a deep breath. Now go back and do the following:
Check, re-check and check again for grammar, spelling and formatting errors. Confirm that all the information in the email is accurate i.e. phone number, address, etc.
Click on every link and ensure it leads to the correct page.
Review the content and make sure it is clear and can be absorbed within eight seconds.
Check that the subject line is descriptive, compelling and between 35 – 45 characters.
Make sure you’ve included a call-to-action and that it is clear and powerful.


Next, collaborate.
Send your campaign to several team members and ask that they also complete steps 1 – 5 above.
Ask for final approval from your manager. Get this in writing.


Finally, test, test, test.
Perform a rendering test and check to make sure the email displays well across different email clients.
Send the campaign to yourself and check how it renders on your desktop and mobile device.

To download the complete “Before You Press Send” checklist, click here. Use this list each and every time you send a campaign, and pressing “send” will be about as scary as an episode of Friends.

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