A Closer Look at Profile Synthesis - Revinate

A Closer Look at Profile Synthesis

In January 2021, Revinate announced Advanced Profile Synthesis. It’s a highly sophisticated and effective AI and machine learning-powered process that automatically cleanses, deduplicates, synthesizes, and merges your guest data so that you can finally get a true and accurate view of your guests. In other words, Advanced Profile Synthesis is how Revinate Marketing customers keep their databases clean and reliable. 

Watch this short video, first shared at ITB Now, to see Revinate’s Vice President of Product explain Advanced Profile Synthesis and how engineers trained the system to identify and dedupe guest records within your hotel CRM.

What’s particularly nice about Revinate’s deduping solution is that it’s fully automated. The process runs automatically and seamlessly on the backend of our customers’ accounts every day, as new guest data streams in. That means that Revinate continually cleanses the new data, searches for duplicates, and merges profiles without hoteliers needing to take any action at all. Advanced Profile Synthesis is like having a team of detail-oriented data cleaners that you don’t have to train or manage, actively working on improving your hotel guest database around the clock.

With a clean database, you can understand its health, namely how many guests are actually reachable and, therefore, marketable to. If you do a lot of business with OTAs, you might realize that you’re not doing a great job collecting email addresses at check-in and thirty days after these guests leave, you’re not able to email them. Once your data is clean, you will be able to see how many guest profiles are missing email addresses and how many of those guests have stayed once, or maybe even multiple times, at your properties. From an action standpoint, it then becomes easier to create a plan for how to better capture your guests’ data when they arrive at your hotel, or before. 

You will also have a better view of your guests overall. How loyal are they? How many guests have stayed multiple times across a single or several of your properties? Are there guests that have more stays than you previously thought? What is the average number of stays across all of your guests? What is the lifetime value of your best guests? With clean data and Revinate Marketing reports, these answers, and others, are easily attainable.

With this information, you are better equipped to craft highly personalized, tailored, and relevant marketing campaigns to drive more revenue. As you dig into your (now clean) data, you might uncover new segments that you previously had no idea existed since you didn’t have an accurate view of your guests. But once your data is clean, it becomes easier to create the personalized experiences and the messaging needed to drive true loyalty and conversion. 

A great example of targeted email marketing comes from De L’Europe. At the end of April 2020, when people began traveling again within The Netherlands, Barbara Meltzer, the hotels online marketing and e-commerce manager began using segmentation and personalized emails to drive bookings. Using the win-back campaign in Revinate Marketing, she was able to easily reach out to past guests in the domestic market to encourage them to come back by offering premium packages. She explains, “Using opaque packages allowed us to drive 128 room nights booked direct without lowering public rates. Revinate made it easy for us to drive revenue during a difficult time and allowed us to maintain our ADR, which was really important to us.”

Not a Revinate customer yet? Learn more about why we’re the leader in Hotel CRM and guest marketing by watching the entire video. Or, reach out to us today for a demo and to learn more about Revinate.