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A Deep Dive Into TweetConcierge

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TweetConcierge is Revinate’s exclusive, fully-integrated Twitter client, customized specifically for busy hotel executives and staff who want to stay connected with clients and prospects across social sites. Every Revinate client has access to it. While it provides many benefits that you don’t get from Twitter, TweetDeck or other Twitter clients, here are the top 8 reasons to use it.

1) Keep it together

Using TweetConcierge as your Twitter hub allows you to see all your Twitter activity, in addition to the activity of your competitors in an organized way. If you have multiple properties in your corporate group, Revinate provides a standard platform so you have visibility into all twitter activity from multiple properties, regardless of how many people Tweet on behalf of the account. Tabs within TweetConcierge allow you to quickly flip between your tweets, tweets from your competition, mentions, direct messages and any activity related to Twitter campaigns that you have set up.

2) Save searches; Save time

If there are certain searches that you do all the time (eg ‘Hilton Chicago Rate Special’) for either your property or your competitor’s property, you can save your searches and simply use the drop down list to perform the search again.

3) Faster customer response

Simply click the links to Reply, DM or Retweet any tweet you see. Responding to questions and comments is quicker and easier than ever, which your customers will appreciate. And, all your activity is tracked, which is great for reporting KPIs.

4) Manage multiple Twitter accounts

If you are an agency or brand managing the social media for multiple properties, TweetConcierge allows you to log in once but tweet from any of your linked Twitter accounts.

5) Link Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Want a tweet to update the wall on your Facebook page? No problem. Simply link your Twitter account with your Facebook page and do double duty.

6) Advanced analytics

Track clicks to all URLs you post to Twitter and easily measure influence and reach.

7) Automatic URL shortening

Save time and effort when including a URL in your tweet. Simply type the URL and TweetConcierge will automatically shorten it for you so you don’t have to open another window and use another service.

8) Campaign tracking

Only TweetConcierge allows you to create campaigns so you can track sales and clicks across multiple tweets. For example, create a Twitter Promo Rate campaign and track all Tweets related to your Twitter specials.

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