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  1. I have posted a link from your arclite to a Bed and Breakfast forum where TA reviews are always a heated topic! Thanks for the arclite, good food for thought. Innkeepers truly care about their guests and want everyone to enjoy their stay. The difference many times in a hotel review vs a B B; review as we DO take it personal as it is our baby, blood sweat and tears go into our inns and we will try to rectify any errors or misconceptions immediately. Unfortunately some people are just difficult, as we all know, but we still want them to be happy!Case in point I had guests in the same room back to back not literally of course. One couple (who was a actually a NY Times Bestselling author) adored every little detail, bought us a gift with thank you card, appreciated all the hard work to make their visit extra special. The other guests were PITA’s and nit picked every little thing, even told us how to redo our ponds and waterfall feature (Bless their hearts!) We were awestruck by the contrast within 24 hours.So life goes on “Friends welcome. Family by appointment only.”

  2. Every hotel is likely to have mixed riewevs no matter where you go. Things do occasionally go wrong and there are a range of expectations from different people. When I’m reading hotel riewevs to find a place, I look at the nature of the complaints, the relative number of good and bad riewevs, and the age group of the reviewers if available. Also the timing of the riewevs. If the bad riewevs are in the past and the recent riewevs are primarily good (or vice versa), then I would consider that.References :

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