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Affordable Luxury: How Hotels Can Attract Millennial Travelers

The definition of luxury is changing. Amenities like wi-fi, large beds, flat screen televisions, and technology-friendly rooms are no longer luxury items. Rather, today’s guests expect these items. As we discovered in our wi-fi report, it can keep your hotel from receiving five star reviews if you don’t offer them.

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So what is luxury? Luxury items are things that your guests can’t get at home. Luxury is an exclusive, extraordinary experience paired with phenomenal service that creates lasting, unforgettable memories. The rule of thumb is, if your guests probably have it at home, it doesn’t count as a luxury experience.

The trouble is, guests now have items that were once considered luxury at home. Many guests are now expecting these items as a default, and some hoteliers are scrambling to meet the demand. Additionally, the exclusive hotel experience is now something that guests, especially Millennials, expect at an affordable price. So, the problem extends to independent and select service hotels, not just big luxury brands. How can hoteliers keep up?

1. Invest in the basics

Today’s guests, especially Millennials, aren’t necessarily spending much time in their hotel rooms. Instead of providing luxury items in the room, it would be prudent to focus on providing what your guests need. For example, the average traveler now carries 2.9 devices while on a trip. Hoteliers can focus on the basic needs of today’s traveler by providing an in-room charging station, compatible with a variety of phones and electronic devices.

2. Focus on the public experience

Your hotel can really shine by creating an exclusive experience outside the room in the lobby, lounges, spa, pool, and restaurant areas. Design is one way you can do this, according to Wyndham Hotel Group’s Bill Hall.  “Some of the economy brands out there, at least from a design perspective, have really tried to become a little more relevant and contemporary,” he said at the 20th annual Lodging Conference.

3. Make it easy for your staff to deliver on-demand service

With the right guest-facing technology solution, a smaller establishment can feel like a luxury resort. Look for a solution that allows guests to establish a 1:1 connection with staff on their terms, through their mobile devices. The solution should also have a back-end ticketing function, so your entire team can keep track of guest requests, assign them to the correct department immediately, and ensure efficient service. CLICK HERE to read more about how to choose the right mobile solution for your hotel.