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Understanding Trends in Guest Feedback

understanding trends in guest feedback

Howard Schultz famously said, “When you acknowledge your weaknesses and ask for advice, you’ll be surprised how much others will help.” While he wasn’t referring to the hospitality industry per se, this quote likely rings true for hoteliers who strive to create great experiences and rely on feedback from guests. Luckily, today’s hoteliers have access … Continued

Cornell Finds Revinate Delivers Impressive TripAdvisor Results, Increased Occupancy, and Further Revenue Potential

A recent study conducted by Chris Anderson, an associate professor at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, found that hotels using Revinate Surveys™ experienced outstanding performance gains. The study consisted of data from 80 hotels across five global hotel brands, with properties in the U.S., Europe, and Asia Pacific. The hotel brands were Danubius Hotels, … Continued

3 Takeaways for Hotels: How UC Davis Mismanaged its Online Reputation

Hotels can learn a lot about online reputation and marketing from other industries. This week, a great example of what not to do emerged, when breaking news online revealed that the University of California Davis has spent around $175,000 to clean up its online reputation following an incident in 2011 where campus police pepper-sprayed student … Continued

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Review Response Examples: What Not to Do

Is it a good idea to dispute negative reviews if you feel a guest is not being truthful? It’s only natural to get defensive when someone posts something untrue about yourself or your business online. I don’t blame anyone who feels this way! But, this is a situation where it’s very important to avoid getting … Continued