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Hotel Loyalty is Dead…or is It?

Back in 2016, I first took a closer look at loyalty, ultimately asserting that hotel loyalty is dead. Well… not dead, but rapidly evolving, with points and redemption models failing to impress the modern traveler. After nearly two years of healthy debate with numerous hoteliers on this topic, and some alarming new research from McKinsey, … Continued

Director of Business Intelligence

Unique Challenges and Opportunities for Independent Hotels

It’s an exciting time for independent hotels. While they face more competitive pressure than they ever have, independents now have a wealth of technology solutions and analytics at their fingertips, if they’re willing to invest strategically. Independents are also in a unique position versus larger brands to deliver outstanding service levels as they continue to … Continued

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Hotel Loyalty is Dead

Did I get your attention? Guest loyalty as a concept is not dead, but it is rapidly evolving. Points and redemption-based models are antiquated and failing to impress the modern traveler. Instead, hotels are more likely to have success building loyalty with today’s guests with more personalized surprise and delight experiences. This shift is not … Continued