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Three Lessons Hotels Can Learn from Airbnb

The hotel industry has always had competition from alternative accommodations—from guesthouses to timeshares to cruise ships. In recent years, however, the Internet-fueled growth of the sharing economy has led to the meteoric rise of peer-to-peer rental sites like Airbnb. On the heels on the news that Airbnb is valued at ten billion dollars, more than … Continued

Understanding Voice of the Customer Data

It is widely known that online review feedback has become critical to the success of hotels and resorts. Users’ reviews are not only influencing other travelers’ booking decisions but are now informing management practices at the property level. While negative feedback is being leveraged for training and retraining programs, positive feedback is feeding into employee recognition … Continued

#WebWednesday Must-Reads

Happy #WebWednesday friends! (if you’re an active travel tweeter like Revinate, then you’ll appreciate this reference)  With an overwhelming abundance of content available to those passionate about hospitality social media, marketing, e-commerce and technology, we thought we’d take an opportunity to share with you some must-read articles and industry resources that we’ve recently come across … Continued