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6 Tips to Organically Grow and Maintain Your Hotel Database

As Revinate’s Hospitality Marketing Strategist for Asia Pacific, I love working closely with customers on optimizing their email marketing strategies through Revinate’s hotel CRM suite. Fundamental to any successful email strategy is a healthy hotel database, as the property management system (PMS) is where the most powerful guest data is stored. It may seem simple … Continued

Revinate Partners with Triptease on CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide

We recently teamed up with our friends at Triptease for an inspiring chat on hotel marketing and the importance of guest data. We were thrilled to be included in their multi-part series, “CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide” and wanted to share Part 3 and Part 4 with our readers as well.  Check them out below! CRM: A Hotelier’s Guide, part … Continued

9 of Hospitality’s Greatest Thought Leaders and Highest Achievers

From marketers, developers and consultants to thought leaders, keynote speakers, and television personalities, the hospitality sector is big on talent. Whether they are changing the game with innovative concepts or empowering hoteliers with proven tactics, these industry insiders have set themselves apart as some of hospitality’s brightest stars.   1. Bruce Faber, Owner at EHS … Continued

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Revinate updates its Terms and Policies

Revinate Updates its Terms and Policies   While legal terms may not be the most exciting update to provide (at least to some), we take both our privacy policy and terms of service quite seriously, and are therefore rolling out some updates to both. Find the new privacy policy here and the terms here.  Our … Continued

Sr. Manager, Product and Customer Marketing

6 Ways to Support Operations with Email Marketing

As a hotel operator, you are always looking for ways in which you can meaningfully connect with your guests. This can often feel like a daunting task with such limited staff and resources.  Email marketing however makes it easy. When you integrate your property management system with an email marketing solution to send automated ‘set … Continued