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Celebrating Social Media Wins

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |0.9 min read|

James Palmer, the General Manager of The Maritime Hotel in New York City recently shared some great news about his success with Revinate. The hotel’s focus on online reviews is helping his business. He reports, “We jumped another few points (on the TripAdvisor Popularity Index) shortly after I emailed you the first time. Then, over the weekend, I got this amazing email that is further proof in the pudding… It’s going great!”

The email he mentions reads:

Hi James,

I was deciding where to stay with my husband to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of being together. Last time we were in NY I was pregnant and ruined the whole trip. Anyway, he really wanted to stay at the Maritime and I was less excited – felt like more of a Mondrian girl. Then I saw your individual responses to each review on TripAdvisor. You are warm and friendly and love your hotel. It sold me. See you on June 3.

Have your own win? Let me know in the comments below!

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