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Check out these Revinate features in 2017

2017 is in full swing here at Revinate, and we’re quite sure you’re up and running at your hotel as well. Before you fall back on old habits, we thought it might be helpful for you to have a quick reminder of some helpful new features for Revinate Reputation™ and Revinate Surveys™.

In no particular order, here are 3 simple Revinate resolutions for hoteliers in 2017:

Amplify my guest feedback on the most important channels

Did you know that simply boosting your review volume on TripAdvisor or Google can translate to significant business results? Last month, we covered this topic in depth. If you are a Revinate Surveys user, now is the time to give it a try. Test out review collection on TripAdvisor or Google to see what drives the best results for you. Plan to give review amplification a try this year and you may see improvement in your ratings and rankings as a result.

Efficiently keep track of my most important KPIs

Revinate launched several features in 2016 that help you personalize your reporting experience, which will ultimately help you be more efficient. Start by setting up our custom dashboard to cover your most important Reputation and Surveys KPIs. We even have custom widgets for the dashboard that cover individual survey questions, so you can keep up to speed on your survey results and your online reputation all in one dashboard. Give it a try right when you log in to your property level account in Revinate.

Dig Deeper into what my guests care about

Revinate Surveys users can now set up triggered email alerts based on individual questions on a post stay email survey, so they can take action as soon as the feedback comes in. Our new and improved Data Exporter allows you to download the full content of both your reviews and your surveys into a single spreadsheet. Putting data directly in your hands means you can dig even deeper into what your guests care about most.

For Revinate customers who are interested in more information on Revinate Surveys Review Amplification, Custom Dashboards and KPI Widgets, Survey Email Alerts, and Data Exporter, please visit the Revinate Help Desk. You’ll be able to search for your topics, or reach out to someone on the Revinate team at to help you set up these features and get your new year off to a good start.