Daniel Craig Offers Advice for Responding to Hotel Reviews Part 2

It appears that hotels are finally waking up to the importance of monitoring and responding to online reviews. TripAdvisor reports a 203% increase in hotel responses to negative reviews last year. Unfortunately, this equates to a mere 4% response rate. As reviews become ubiquitous, playing an increasingly critical role in travel decisions, hoteliers can no longer afford to let complaints go unanswered. In the second installment of this two-part series, we share more tips for responding to negative online reviews.

2 responses to “Daniel Craig Offers Advice for Responding to Hotel Reviews Part 2”

  1. “What if the reviewer makes false clmias?”Dispute the review with the host website, providing backup. Be forewarned, however, that this can be a slow and often futile process.”Never a truer word spoken. In the case of TripAdvisor, owners are allowed a mere 200 characters to state their case for disputing a review! In addition, TripAdvisor does not accept “unsolicited material” from owners like proof of the invalidity of a review to support their case. Any investigation TripAdvisor undertakes is done “in camera” and the owner is never given a reason for the final decision, whether it is in the owner’s favour or the reviewer’s.Here’s a case in point: In that case the fake reviews were finally removed but you can see what a painful process it was for the owner. I wonder if they would have been removed if he hadn’t been so forceful and gathered support on Twitter and various owner forums?*By the way, I think your suggested management responses are super can I pinch them? *Yes I was that owner

  2. I had one Poor review back in 2009, wrttien by very bad customers. It was so ridiculous that I didn’t want to justify it with a response on Tripadvisor, and never did. (Happy that you agree that sometimes “such interesting reviews”, might best be ignored.) But I did post a response, along with my cartoons that they called “nagging”, on my website for all to see, on my Guest Comments Page. Now people can laugh at my cartoons right on the website! lol!Thanks for all the great advice Daniel! You are always on the money! Cheers!Maureen

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