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Digital Genius Webinar Recap: What does Genius mean for Hotels?

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Thanks to everyone who joined us for our webinar yesterday.  We hope you enjoyed our discussion of how social media, mobile applications, a strong web presence, SEO and display retargeting are foundations of success for hotels today.  If you missed the event, please feel free to review a recording by clicking on the following link Digital Genius 2013.

The Rewards of being a Genius

In this webinar we showed that excellence in social, mobile, and web functionality clearly increases revenue.  In the 22 hotel brands where revenue was tracked, there was a strong correlation between higher digital IQ and increased RevPAR.  Hotels that excelled at marketing in the digital space experienced a 5 to 15% increase in Revenue Per Available Room between 2010 and 2011.  Many hotels with less focus on digital experienced stagnant growth in RevPAR over the same period.  This proves that investment in social media, mobile applications, and web clearly pays dividends. 

Topics in Depth

First Click Attribution – There were a few questions about first click vs. last click attribution during the event.  We wanted to provide some valuable resources to those who wish to learn more.  In a recent report entitled “Why Marketers aren’t giving Social the Credit it Deserves” Adobe discusses the variance in ROI attribution when a first click vs. a last click model is used.

Google Keyword Finder – You can access the Google Keyword Finder here to get a sense of how much search traffic that certain keywords generate each month. Remember, global results show worldwide searches and local results show all searches from the US.  It is possible to changes your primary market to another country for our overseas attendees.

Display Retargeting – For those with questions about retargeting, check out this article from Digital Day entitled “Why Retargeting is the Hottest Area in Ad Tech”.  The article covers types of retargeting, expected conversion rates, and how Intercontinental uses retargeting.

Again thank you for joining this webinar. Please comment, below, if you have any further questions.  Consider joining us on February 19th for our next webinar, Reviews and Online Reputation Management 101.  To learn about all our upcoming events please visit

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