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Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |0.9 min read|

Revinate customers can click on the Reviews Overview Report to see where their reviews are coming from for any particular time period. I often get asked to look at a customer’s chart to see whether it’s ‘normal’ or not. While the chart will differ greatly from client to client depending on the OTAs that they work with as well as the markets that they are in, I wanted to provide a better answer as to the norm.

So a few weeks ago I asked our engineers to dive into our data to look at the distributions of all the reviews for the thousands of hotels that we monitor. Here’s what we found:

27.5% come from TripAdvisor

18.25% come from

18.02% come from Priceline

10.11% come from Expedia

6.6% come from Orbitz

5.73% come from

And the other review sites each have less than 5% share.

Please note that these numbers were run before we expanded our coverage to include large Asia Pacific and European review sources.

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