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Facebook’s Reach Generator. What does it mean for hoteliers?

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.1 min read|

Yesterday I shared some information about the new layout for Facebook brand pages. Today I am going to share information about the other big Facebook announcement – – Reach Generator, a new premium advertising solution for large clients seeking to reach a higher percentage of fans via sponsored activity.

Facebook created Reach Generator to provide brands with a way to guarantee that fans see their content in their activity feed. According to information provided during a Buddy Media Webinar, brands will pay per fan, for a three month period, to guarantee that 75% of their fans see the content they share. (Note – Reach Generator is not a self-service ad product. It will likely require a minimum spend of tens of thousands of dollars a month.) But, if you’re a brand spending advertising dollars on Facebook, it’s money will spend. If you think about open rates of email (11%) and the fact that today Facebook says that only 16% of content is seen by fans, this change is huge.

Of course content is king, so ensuring that you are sharing relevant, engaging content is going to make a big difference. Also, since consumers will be seeing more brand updates, I imagine that it will be harder to hold onto your fans and consumers will only like brands that they *really* care about.


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