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Getting serious about ‘check ins’ to win loyalty

Yesterday the New York Times wrote a great article about how small businesses can use Location Based Services like Foursquare to drive sales.  Ever since I started using Foursquare (and now Facebook Places) to check in to businesses and places I visit, I have been advocating that businesses closely monitor their check ins to surprise and delight customers who check in. Customers who check in to a business are broadcasting their patronage to their friends, and as a result should be considered a brand advocate.

Revinate customers can easily monitor for Foursquare check ins using Social Media Searches. Each time a user checks in to a hotel using Foursquare and simultaneously tweets it out, it will appear in the activity feed. (You will notice the url.) Stay on top of these feeds. Tweet back and welcome these guests or take the next step and buy them a drink. I guarantee your gesture will be repaid many times over as the guests tell their friends about your tremendous service.

If you’re interested in learning more about using Geolocation services, the NYT article has a lot of great advice. If you have ever surprised a guest in this way, please share your story by commenting below.