3 responses to “Hotel Best Practices with Facebook Timeline”

  1. Hi
    We are practicing a good way in marketing Hotel in social media.Now for all your facebook post you can integrate with twitter and it gets updated there automatically.
    You can share your local city’s stories thereby encouraging tourism and promoting your own city.
    Sharing culinary pictures and its facts gives an impression to guests about its FnB.
    There are many ways you can do with the post.
    But my concern is how do we increase the number of likes as promotions and mailers are not showing good results in return.

  2. Thanks Joy for the comment! The best way to approach your social media presence is to treat your efforts as an augmentation of your current marketing strategies. Social media hasn’t replaced the tried and true methods of reaching your customer through traditional and new media, but instead has made it easier for you to receive feedback from and participate in a two-way dialogue with your base. To answer your question directly, I would begin with an email / outreach piece that invites your current customers to engage with you on social. In this piece, make it clear what they (your audience) will get by engaging with you and see where this leads.

  3. This is great guide for any hotels to take a look at, far too often they just stick up a Facebook page with no thought or any idea as to what they going to do with it. But the guide can also apply to other businesses, showing that with a little effort you make Facebook an extention of your business and great way to show case it.

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