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  1. I’m really enjoying your articles. It’s great to hear from people with new ideas for hospitality. Keep ‘em coming.
    But I want to make sure you understand the data Market Metrix published on the criteria people use to make a hotel choice. Online reviews is actually near the bottom of the list.
    Use of social media, and contributions to social media and online reviews, does continue to grow. And we all agree that online reputation is really important for lots of reasons. But online reviews remain way down the list of things that influence a booking, at least according to what travelers are reporting to our Market Metrix Hospitality Index.
    You’ll find the data we published a while back, and a brief post, here:

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Mike. As we discussed today in email, I relied on an older Market Metrix post for that conclusion and sounds like that post didn’t accurately summarize the results of the study. Regardless, I do come across lots of 3rd party reports that show the growing importance of reviews on the booking decision and hear from many hoteliers that guests tell them they booked with them because of online reviews. I know I won’t book a hotel without reading the reviews first.
    Here are just a few good stats:
    •More than one third of consumers will not book a hotel room without
    reading reviews first. (LateRooms, November 2012)
    •90% of travelers avoid booking hotels labeled as “dirty” in online
    reviews. (LateRooms, November 2012)
    •87% of TripAdvisor users feel more confident in their decision when
    they read the reviews (PhoCusWright, September 2012)
    Thank you, again, for the feedback.

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