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Hotel Crisis Management in Thailand

On Tuesday, Thailand’s military declared martial law. Today the military announced that it is taking control of the government, in Thailand’s second coup d’etat in a decade. The country remains under martial law.

Military officials have ordered all print, radio, and TV media to self-censor. As a result, many people are taking to social media to share news and get information. This includes tourists, their friends and family, and prospective visitors.

During crisis situations like this one, hoteliers have the opportunity to become trusted sources of information for prospective travelers, as well as family and friends of tourists. Revinate‘s media aggregation features provide hoteliers with a perfect way to stay on top of news and find opportunities to engage with travelers.

Using Revinate, hoteliers can create social media searches to unearth conversations across millions of online sources and social media sites. Revinate then aggregates posts from Twitter, Facebook, blogs, news articles, and more into one manageable feed. It also provides users with quick links to respond to posts, retweet, and more.

Hoteliers can use Revinate to search exact keywords like “Thailand coup” to stay on top of the general news in Thailand and engage when they can add value.

They can also set up keyword searches like “safe family Thailand” or “family Bangkok coup.” This can filter posts to uncover comments from people wondering if their loved ones are safe in Thailand.

Or, users can set up general keyword searches like “safe travel Thailand” or “recommendations travel Thailand coup” to gain an understanding of prospective tourist chatter. This is an opportunity to engage and help prospectives understand the safety of traveling to the region, or to provide alternate suggestions of areas that remain unaffected.

Finally, hoteliers in Thailand should not only be monitoring their own Twitter and Facebook pages. They should also be checking TripAdvisor forums for the area. By immediately responding to posts, hoteliers can alleviate fears, let people know whether the area is safe, and provide information for guests and family about what is happening. Also, since the coup is probably what people care about most right now, any scheduled tweets about promotions should be canceled until normalcy returns.

Guests will have lots of questions about the curfew, transportation, and safety of the area. Hoteliers are in a great place to respond in real time.