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Hotel Surveys: Three Tips for Crafting Email Body Copy

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To increase the success of your hotel email surveys, two metrics that are important to watch are your open rates and your click-through rates. We recently talked about how to write a subject line to optimize your open rates. By crafting the right email body copy, you can also work to maximize your click-through rates. With optimal subject lines and body copy, you can set your hotel email surveys up for success.

Cut the copy

When your goal is to drive your guests to an action, shorter is better. As you write, keep in mind that every second wasted on words that don’t need to be there puts the success of your surveys at risk. To craft your best email, write down what you want to say, and then rewrite it until it’s as clear and concise as possible.

Be personable

Emails aren’t meant to mirror the formal tone you’d take in a college research paper. It’s okay to write them like you’re writing for another human on the other end of the line. In fact, it’s preferred. Here are a few small adjustments that will go a long way toward making a better connection with your guests:

1. It’s okay to use contractions

Formal: It is almost springtime, and we have special rates available for guests who book today.

Conversational: It’s almost springtime, and we’ve got special rates just for you.

2. You don’t have to use 10-dollar words

Email is not the place for words you haven’t seen since the SATs. Keep it simple and conversational.

3. Practice writing in an active voice

Passive: Our property was remodeled.

Active: We’ve remodeled our property. Check out our brand new look!

4. Remember: You are a human talking to another human

Formal: Thank you for your recent stay. Please take the time to fill out this satisfaction survey.

Conversational: Thank you so much for staying with us! We’d love your feedback: Can you tell us how we can improve for next time?

Speak to their needs

When writing your email copy, keep in mind that email campaigns send out more than communication. They deliver a message. When asking a guest to complete a survey, you want to convey that you don’t just value their money. You want them to understand that you value their opinion, their time, and the relationship that you have with them. Be sure to tell your guests that their feedback on your survey will be used to improve future stays.

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