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How hotels can respond to foreign language reviews on TripAdvisor

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.5 min read|

Hoteliers are now able to respond to the foreign language reviews on TripAdvisor by conveniently clicking on the “Reply at TripAdvisor” link within Revinate. For those who do not yet have Revinate, you can select the reply link via the owner response center and have the option to select the review you want to reply to.

TripAdvisor will “show all” reviews with the reviews in your primary language appearing first and the foreign language reviews will be listed last in your review list. To filter through the foreign language reviews, use the drop-down menu to filter by language:

TripAdvisor allows owners to respond to reviews in any language TripAdvisor supports. For example, you can write an English response to a foreign language review. For readers, a Google translate button will appear when the language of the response doesn’t match that of their domain, so they will be able to translate your response.  Here is an example of a response that was written in a different language than the review:

If you are a Revinate customer, please remember to, once you’ve submitted your response on TripAdvisor, click on the green confirm button in the Response Assistant Toolbar to the left. By doing this, you are informing Revinate that you have submitted a response. Our software is able to track the reviews that you have responded to versus the reviews where the response has been posted live on the site.


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