How to choose the right hospitality email marketing provider

Choosing the right hospitality email marketing provider is one of the most important decisions any hotelier will make. Solutions for email marketing have exploded in the last decade, with brands such as Hubspot and MailChimp becoming household names. But before you ask your non-hotelier friends for recommendations, it’s important to consider the specific marketing needs of your hotel.

It will become clear that having a hospitality-specific solution that integrates with your PMS is crucial to your long-term marketing success. It’s no surprise that most email solutions can’t integrate with your PMS. Hospitality software tends to be closed off and isolated from most of the tech world. But without access to your guest database, PMS fields, or guest journey, it’s impossible to create automated and smartly-segmented campaigns that are relevant for hospitality.

To learn more about choosing the right email marketing provider for your hotel, check out our guide.

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