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How to Earn More Twitter Influence

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As Twitter usage matures, marketers are appropriately moving their focus away from follower acquisition and towards maximizing the impact of their messaging on the platform. And the beauty is that by increasing engagement with your followers, you will acquire additional followers. Following are some quick best practices for Twitter engagement:

Growing Your Audience Through Optimized Tweets

Twitter experts often say that influence should be measured not by a user’s follower count, but by how often his/her tweets get retweeted. Retweets lead to increased exposure for your hotel or restaurant and are key to building an engaged following. We’ve written about the importance of retweets in a previous post about Twitter analytics but have yet to touch on what kind of messages to embrace (and avoid). Here are some tips to consider:

  • Avoid truncated automated tweets from Facebook. Nothing is more annoying to users than to see an automated, “bot-like” message flow through your newsfeed that is either too long to read in full or sends you to a Facebook page that requires you to log in to your account.
  • Stick to only a few hashtags. While hashtag use has become a pervasive phenomenon across all media channels, overusing them in your tweets will result in lower engagement. New York Times editor Daniel Victor says that hashtags fail to attract new audiences. Nevertheless, a report from Twitter states that tweets with up to two hashtags receive nearly 50 percent more engagement.
  • Use appropriate punctuation and formatting. The biggest misperception about tweeting is that audiences do not care about style or formatting. Social media scientist, Dan Zarrella, reports that retweets consistently contain correct punctuation than non retweets. Moreover, it has been shown that the tweets most often retweeted follow proper formatting. That is, each tweet should begin with a capital letter, utilize proper grammar, and avoid any semblance of text message-like abbreviations.

Optimization Will Lead to More Followers 

Once you consistently commit to the above practices, you will be prepared to grow your follower base. In addition, Twitter recommends that you share a heavy dose of visual media (e.g. photos and video), respond to mentions and feedback and participate in live, real-time Twitter conversations to extend your reach. Fusework Studios and Buddy Media report that real-time
engagement will have a maximum reach during the following days and times:

  • Tweets sent on Saturdays and Sundays see a 17% higher engagement level compared to weekdays.
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays are the days with the lowest rate of engagement.
  • Tweets that are published between 8 AM – 7 PM in your time zone see a 30% increase in engagement throughout the week.

By following the above recommendations and taking advantage of a helpful social media dashboard, your brand will be headed toward higher Twitter engagement and audience reach.

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