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Improve Hotel Operations with Mobile

Today’s travelers expect a seamless digital experience and access to information around the clock. With the prevalence of smartphones, travelers now use mobile devices to do more than research and book travel. They also use their mobile devices to plan entire itineraries, research destinations while on the road, purchase in-destination activities, and share their experiences with their friends and family.

For today’s traveler, the mobile phone is where each day begins and ends. As such, hotels have the opportunity to extend and deepen the relationship with their guests, both in-room and on-property. The challenge is making the experience seamless and pleasant, with low staff overhead but high levels of guest satisfaction.

Today, when a guest calls the front desk to request housekeeping, how does the front desk communicate with housekeeping? How does the front desk know the request has been fulfilled? More often than not, this process is manual. The front desk calls housekeeping to relay the request. But, he or she has no idea whether housekeeping has completed the request unless the guest calls back to complain.

A mobile solution that is easily accessed and used by every staff member is the ideal channel to optimize the connection between the hotel and guest. With mobile, guests have an always-on channel to get the services they need. And, a software-based mobile solution would help hoteliers improve hotel operations by enabling staff members to open tickets for each inquiry, assign them to each other, and monitor the progress as a team. Management can then review stats on performance, response rate, and time to closure. This process ensures that requests do not go unanswered. The team make the fulfillment process faster and more efficient. And, the guest gets what he or she needs more quickly, which results in higher guest satisfaction.

Hoteliers need to invest in mobile-ready web now to meet guests’ expectations. With a mobile strategy designed with your guests in mind, you can give them the information and access to services they need, 24/7, and reduce your staff support costs.

This is an excerpt of our guide for hoteliers, Four Ways to Use Mobile to Improve the Guest ExperienceCLICK HERE to download the full guide.