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[Infographic] How to Choose the Right Art for Your Hotel

When making upgrades to your hotel, it’s important to take a data-based approach to the investment opportunity. This means taking a look at the aggregate data on your hotel’s guest feedback and determining where the trends are to pinpoint specific items that your guests are consistently praising or complaining about.

One comment that we see fairly often in hotel online reviews is that while the rooms are clean, they are old or dated. This is a sign that it’s time to invest in the property and update the rooms. If this is something your guests are consistently complaining about, then it’s safe to say you’re hurting your hotel’s online reputation and profitability by NOT making the investment.

Part of of updating your property is choosing the right decor. Of course, when choosing decor it’s important to take into account your specific clientele and your hotel’s brand promise. Are you an upscale luxury hotel with a steady influx of business travelers? Or are you a trendy midscale hotel with a tech-savvy vibe?

The following infographic, as published originally by Accent Art and Frame, has some tips for navigating this decision-making process.