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It’s Official – Facebook Deals is Announced!

Just a few months after allowing people to ‘check-in’ using Facebook Places and a SmartPhone, Facebook is now taking things to the next level by allowing businesses to provide a deal to those that check-in. And, adding a social element, there will be a way to share deals with your friends so when you check in and tag your friends they will all get the same deal.

The opportunities are endless for hoteliers. In fact, one of the first deals is for the Palms in Las Vegas. People that check-in for a two night stay get a third night for free. Or, if they can’t stay a free day they get a free room upgrade.

So hoteliers, start thinking about the deals you can offer. Maybe you want people to eat in your restaurant and will give away a free app or dessert? Or maybe you want to team up with a local charity to give away $1 for every check-in… There is no fee to create a deal and the system is entirely self-service so I imagine it will be very popular with businesses.

Right now the deal creator is only open to 20,000 businesses, but as soon as there is more information I will post again. Very excited about this one! You?

Check out this video on the Facebook site to see Deals in action.

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