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MSNBC poll shows importance of TripAdvisor reviews

Last Updated: September 25, 2023|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.3 min read|

Following an article about TripAdvisor reviews, readers were asked, “How do you use TripAdvisor and other hotel review sites?” As you can see, with more than 10k votes, 67% of respondents monitor TripAdvisor to get a gauge, but don’t hold reviews as gospel. 19% wouldn’t book a room if it didn’t have favorable reviews, and only 14% of voters don’t use, or don’t know about TripAdvisor.

From reading the hundreds of poll comments, it appears that people follow common sense when reading online reviews. They toss out the poorly worded, the extremely negative and the overly positive and look for trends. Do the majority of people like the service and the amenities? If so, it’s likely a safe bet.

If your hotel doesn’t have numerous reviews across all the major review sites, it’s time to put a review program in place. Start with the obvious and train your front desk to ask guests to write a review when they check out of the hotel after a happy stay. Consider printing reminder cards for each review site so guests are directed to the review site that is lacking reviews. Have all staff members carry a few cards in their pockets so any time their receive a compliment, they can ask the guest to share their experience on a review site.

Revinate customers can use the Frequency Trend report to track their progress and ensure that the program is working. Set a goal to beat your comp set average each week and reward your employees when they meet the goal. Have other ideas? Comment and let us know.

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