New Year, New Logo - Revinate

New Year, New Logo

Strong brands tell good stories. At Revinate, our story is clear and simple: we empower Hoteliers and Hospitality Professionals to reach new heights. Whether we’re talking about data, efficiency, or revenue, our products give you the tools and knowledge for growth. And when you grow, we grow.

We’ve taken great strides in the years since our inception, and it was time to shed our old logo in favor of something that reflected that growth — as well as the growth which has yet to come, both for Revinate and our customers and partners. With the new year, we have updated our logo to align with the brand we’ve already built and are continuing to build. You’ll see this new logo reflected across our software, our website, our emails, and everywhere else.

So, why the new logo? Again, strong brands tell good stories, and in order for a logo to be successful, it must make sense for the brand it represents. Here’s the story we’re telling with our new logo.

From Old to New

In addition to the bold and clear aesthetic, one of the first things that strikes people about our new logo is the difference between the two Es in “Revinate.” These stylized letters are actually an element carried over from our old logo.

We took inspiration from this meaningful element, signifying growth, to create the new logo. With the element turned on its side, duplicated to serve as letters, and modified to show progression, the element continues to represent growth, like a bar chart moving from low to high.

Continued Growth

In support of this progression is a stylized “A”, which doubles as an arrow pointing up. Suddenly, the “V” is also no longer just a “V,” but an arrow pointing down.

Read from left-to-right, the plot to this visual story is clear: growth—from the bottom to the top. And that’s what we’re here to help you achieve.

Wishing you continued growth in 2017!