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Review Site Distribution

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Every year, Revinate publishes a Hotel Reputation Benchmark Report to provide the industry with actionable and comparative insights from hotels around the world. We analyzed over 147,000 hotels in 200+ countries from Revinate Guest Feedback customers so we can provide a unique review on a unique year.

Below is a snapshot of the Section 3, Review Site Distribution

You can download the full 2020 Reputation Report for free here.

It’s important for hotels to know what channels are most popular in order to focus reputation management efforts where it matters most. Each year, we look at the changes in review site volume to uncover trends on how consumers are using each platform.

In 2020, the top two review sites, and Google, contributed to 60.3% of total review volume. The next largest review site was TripAdvisor which captured 7.9% market share.

For the first time in recent years, Google was replaced as the #1 review site by volume and overtaken by But it was close–with just a 2.9% difference in market share for the year.

Facebook, which accounts for 8.3% of reviews in 2017 and was the 6th most popular channel has fallen below 1% of total reviews in 2020. So much so, it no longer appears on our list of top 10 review sites.

A new comer on the board this year is Ctrip, which contributed 6.3% of reviews for the year. This may indicate or be indicative of a quicker recovery of Chinese hotels from the pandemic or market growth.

Regardless of the channel, Revinate Guest Feedback has made it easy for hotels to keep up with Reputation Management. By combining reviews from 100+ sites into a single dashboard, hoteliers can better focus efforts where it matters most. If you’d like to learn more, you can request a demo with our team.

Review Change by Site

Not all review sites declined at the same rate in 2020. declined less than Google which helped push it into the lead for the first time.

In addition to fewer travelers during the year, many OTAs and review site were forced to lay off or furlough staff and cut marketing expenses. As a result, the sites did less outreach and fewer travelers submitted reviews which also added to the decline.

TripAdvisor was the review site most affected by the pandemic, falling by 66% and closely followed by Expedia with a 65% decline year over year. seemed to be the least affected, only falling by 33% in comparison.

Download the full Marketing Reputation Report today to get the actionable insights you need to improve your hotel’s online reputation and benchmark your success. We cover 5 topics including year in review, review volume, site distribution, review ratings, and response rate.

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