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Why Hoteliers Should Use Review-Style Satisfaction Surveys

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Traditional guest satisfaction surveys became very popular for a few reasons:

  • The uniformity of the questions makes it easy to report on results and see changes over time. As a result, it became easy to operationalize this data.
  • You can require answers to ensure you can get feedback on the services and amenities that matter to you. If, for example, you have just added a kiosk for check-in, you can add questions to get feedback on that service.
  • They’re private. Your competitors don’t know what your guests are complaining about.

But, with technology like sentiment analysis, traditional surveys have become obsolete. Here are some reasons why hoteliers should consider switching to a review-style survey.

1. Hear what is really important to the guest.

When people write reviews, they tend to focus on just the things that stood out during their stay. If something doesn’t make it into the review, it didn’t make a lasting impression. When you evaluate this organic feedback, you can really identify where the important issues lie.

2. See trends.

Once you have a volume of review-style feedback from your guests, you can start to see trends of things that really stand out in the guest experience. You can delve into review data with sentiment analysis to assess the topics and details that guests share and value. With traditional long-form guest satisfaction surveys, hoteliers only get data from a preset structure of questions the hotel selected and asked.

3. Get more detailed feedback.

Closed-ended questions such as “Please rate your satisfaction with your room from 1 to 10” will not yield rich data about what a customer really liked or disliked about his or her room. Perhaps a guest thought the bathroom was beautiful and clean, but that the water pressure wasn’t great. You can’t get that kind of detail from a traditional guest satisfaction survey question.

4. Use your promoters to drive bookings.

Finally and most importantly, because traditional guest satisfaction surveys are private, you can’t use your net promoters to share their positive experiences to drive bookings. With Revinate Surveys, you can automatically submit your review-style surveys to TripAdvisor for syndication. Hoteliers often find that their private feedback is more positive than their online reviews. Getting more positive reviews on TripAdvisor can improve your ranking on the Popularity Index. Your reviews and ranking can influence potential guests at a crucial stage in the booking process.

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