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Reviewers Care about Power Outlets

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In a survey on portable electronic devices conducted in January of 2013, the Naked Security team at Sophos discovered:

  • The average user carries around 2.9 devices
  • The highest number of devices carried by one person: 12!

We wanted to find out whether this trend is reflected in the online hotel reviews we collect.

Our results? People care about power outlets. We found that over 28,000 English language reviews in our database mention “outlet”, “plug” or “socket” at least once.

First, we examined whether the number of outlet-related reviews as a percentage of all reviews is increasing.

We found that the number of outlet-related reviews has been increasing slightly but consistently every year for the past four years. This indicates that guests are taking more notice of the availability of outlets during their stays.

Next, we looked at outlet counts. For example, we captured mentions like “one outlet,” “2 plugs,” and “eight sockets.”

In the same time period the number of outlet-related reviews increased, we also saw an increase in mentions of outlet counts. It is interesting to note that review writers most often mention “one” outlet. But, we can also see that the number of reviews mentioning 2, 3, and 4 outlets also increased, especially in 2013.

What does this mean?

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the number of outlets in your hotel are positively or negatively affecting your TripAdvisor score. But, it does mean that people consistently mention power outlets in reviews, and that the mentions are getting more frequent. 

What are the takeaways?

  • Reviewers care about the number of outlets they encounter while traveling.
  • They care about this enough to mention it in reviews of the places they stay.
  • They care about the number of power outlets more in 2013 than they did in previous years.

What should I do?

Since this is something that travelers are talking about more and more often, you should evaluate the availability of power outlets in your hotel. Ask yourself, are there enough available outlets in this room to support charging at least three electronic devices? Are there enough places for guests to charge devices throughout the property?

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