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Revinate #1 in Email Marketing – Here’s Why We Will Stay On Top

#1 on Hotel Tech Report for Email Marketing

Revinate is ranked number one in Email Marketing & CRM on Hotel Tech Report. 95% of our customers would recommend Revinate Marketing to a friend – that’s 11% higher than the category average. Given the fact that Revinate launched its Marketing product three years ago, it’s clear we’re just getting started.


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The customers who have reviewed Revinate Marketing on Hotel Tech Report emphasize our user-friendly interface, swift integrations, extensive and easy-to-use segmentation features, and most importantly, our purposeful functionality and comprehensive coverage as a hotel email marketing provider.


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Why we will stay on top

Revinate has established itself as one of the best reputation management solutions in the hospitality industry and we’re on our way to doing the same for email marketing. We’re working diligently to disrupt the hotel marketing space with innovative, data-backed technologies to simplify the lives of hotel marketers while also increasing revenue, direct bookings, and guest engagement.

From the moment you become a Revinate Marketing customer, you will feel our commitment to your success. The majority of Revinate Marketing customers see over 10x ROI. And, on average, Revinate Marketing drives 73% higher revenue per recipient via ‘Smart Segmented’ campaigns and $2,500 in monthly upsell revenue.

But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers are quick to share how Revinate Marketing has changed the way they manage their email marketing programs.


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Our customers are the core of our business. We’re ranked number one on Hotel Tech Report and will stay there because everything we do revolves around customer input and success. We pledge to never stop hustling to create the best all-in-one hotel data solution in the market.


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With a motto like “Transform guest data into revenue,” we’ve attracted the attention of some of hospitality’s biggest media outlets. Check out some of our latest features:


Our inaugural Email Marketing Strategy Guide is a hospitality-specific guide to help hoteliers perfect their email marketing strategy. To learn about industry best practices and more, download our Email Marketing Strategy Guide now.