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Revinate Named Best Email Marketing and CRM by Hotel Tech Report Three Years in a Row!

Last week Revinate won, for the third year in a row, #1 Hotel Email Marketing and CRM from Hotel Tech Report. This award is special for us because it’s based on feedback from hoteliers. Specifically, the awards are determined by 10,000 hotel software product reviews contributed by verified hoteliers. Winners are selected based on key performance metrics, including product popularity, customer satisfaction, integration compatibility, customer support quality, and more.  Winning a HotelTechAward is the highest achievement in the hotel technology industry and to win it three years in a row is a huge accomplishment that we don’t take for granted.

Jordan Hollander, CEO of Hotel Tech Report, explains, “In the midst of a global pandemic, 318,466 hoteliers visited Hotel Tech Report from every corner of the globe contributing 10,227 verified new product reviews during the 3-month awards period to share insights about their favorite tech products to run and grow their businesses.”

During the HotelTechAwards, hoteliers from the world’s leading hotel companies review the top tech products used at their hotels to increase operating efficiency, drive revenue, and improve the guest experience. This data is used to identify the best hotel tech products and organizations. 2021 voting included participation from major hotel groups, including Four Seasons, Hilton, Marriott, Accor Hotels, Hyatt, Intercontinental, Rosewood, and thousands of independents. We are thankful for every single vote for Revinate.

Hollander shares, “We originally created the HotelTechAwards as a democratized way to help our fellow hoteliers quickly determine best of breed vendors based on data they can trust and the scope of the competition this year is a testament to how far the industry has come in the last decade. The HotelTechAwards rating process is simple, transparent, and unbiased–judging is based on time tested ranking factors, publicly available data, and crowdsourced insights from verified hoteliers who have hands-on experience with each product.”

The HotelTechAwards are often referred to as “the Grammys of Hotel Tech” and, truthfully, we feel like rock stars. The HotelTechAwards are the industry’s only data-driven awards platform with winners determined not by a handful of judges or popularity votes but by a global community comprised of thousands of verified hotel technology users across more than 127 countries.

When we reflect on this award and the reason why we continue winning, it’s clear that our agile development is propelling Revinate in the market faster than our competition. In fact, in five years, Revinate has built what other platforms have taken almost 30 years to build. We are the market leader at innovation and we love making our product more and more valuable for you, which is why we release new code every two weeks.

Sometimes, those releases result in new features that you see, like our database health reports, for example. Other times, they are changes to the backend that build stronger internal infrastructure and security. Here are just a few of the safeguards we have built, that you won’t see, to ensure you never have to worry about malicious activity and viruses. Don’t worry if it reads like a foreign language. The point is that we worry about it so you don’t have to!

Check out the full explanation from our past Webinar featuring our CRO, Karin Stephens and CTO, Jason Standiford below:


  • WAF –  Web Application Firewall is a specific form of application firewall that filters, monitors, and blocks HTTP traffic to and from a web service outside our network. All traffic coming into Revinate passes through the WAF, where it filters out any malicious activity before it hits our network.
  • Guard Duty – Real-time network analysis that alerts us when it detects suspicious activity. Conceptually, this is a virus scanner.
  • Private VPC  – Virtual Private Cloud is a configurable pool of shared computing resources that provide a certain level of isolation between the different organizations using the resources. This allows us to segment our network to limit exposure across our entire infrastructure.
  • Network ACL – Access Control List is a set of rules that filters network traffic. This gives us more ability to filter traffic inside our network.
  • Encryption in Transit – We use the TLS (Transport Layer Security) 1.2 protocol to encrypt all inbound web traffic. 
  • Reverse Proxy – A reverse proxy is a server that sits in front of applications and forwards client (e.g. web browser) requests to those apps. This helps increase security, performance, and reliability.
  • Security Groups – A security group is a virtual firewall for our EC2 instances controlling incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Network Isolation – We have multiple VPCs set up to isolate our internal network so that if there is unauthorized access, the breach is limited in scope.
  • Inspector – An Amazon Web Services tool that tracks package information and software configuration on an EC2 instance and informs us if anything is out of date.
  • Encryption at Rest – All our data that is stored on disk is encrypted, so in the unlikely event that there’s a breach, all customer data would still be safe.

In addition to the internal work we do, we also work with third-party sources to protect your security. Some of the things we do include:

  • Owasp Scanning / Dynamic Scans – We scan our web applications, looking for security vulnerabilities such as cross-site scripting, SQL Injection, command injection, path traversal, and insecure server configuration, using veracode.
  • Internal Pen Test – Manual penetration test conducted using proxy-based tools to intercept, change, and evaluate the requests of web-based applications and do hands-on analysis with different payloads.
  • External Pen Test – Very similar to internal pen test, but instead of managing the process, we use an independent 3rd party to scan our applications for vulnerabilities.
  • Static Code Analysis – Our source code is analyzed for vulnerabilities and results are reported back to the developers for action.

But we know that what’s most exciting to hoteliers is what appears to the naked eye when you open up our products. When it comes to features, we never stop innovating. Our most recent feature, which we’re incredibly excited about, is Advanced Profile Synthesis, because it solves a pain that hoteliers have struggled with for decades. With Advanced Profile Synthesis, hoteliers can rest assured that their guest database is automatically cleaned and duplicate profiles are merged, resulting in the most accurate view of your guests.

What Revinate does that most CRMs don’t do, is clean, normalize, and standardize the data so that duplicates can be recognized and merged. Here’s a visual that shows how we tag the data, which is part of the process we use to ensure the cleanest data in the industry.

How the Best Email Marketing and CRM tag data

Once the data is tagged, we apply machine learning to create “clusters of candidates” based on multiple tags.

Create cluster of candidate sets based on multiple tags

Finally, we merge the profiles automatically.

Merging profiles automatically

Why is this so important? You can only have a true understanding of your guests when your data has been cleaned and your duplicate profiles have been merged.

Identify the most valuable guests

Sick and tired of manually cleaning up data? Wondering who your best guests really are? Revinate can help. Reach out for a demo today. We’ll walk you through Revinate Marketing, our three-time award-winning technology that will help you drive direct bookings and upsell revenue. And, of course, we’ll show you how Revinate Hotel CRM is giving hoteliers access to the cleanest data in the hospitality industry, thanks to Advanced Profile Synthesis. See why we’ve been voted the best, three years in a row.