Revinate Becomes Authorized TripAdvisor Partner

Revinate, the premiere social media solution for the hospitality industry, announced today that it has become an authorized partner of TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel site. Under this new agreement, Revinate clients can monitor TripAdvisor data, including traveler reviews, ratings and Popularity Index rankings, through the Revinate service in order to track their online reputation, analyze guest satisfaction feedback and respond to reviews.

By partnering with TripAdvisor, Revinate’s industry-leading solution becomes even more comprehensive, intuitively turning online reviews and social media feedback into business intelligence that hoteliers can act upon.

“With millions of travelers using TripAdvisor to plan the perfect trip, it’s increasingly important for hoteliers to monitor consumer feedback and respond to user reviews,” said Rich Knapp, senior manager of partnerships at TripAdvisor. “Revinate’s authorized use of our data will help its clients gain insight into their customers and improve their hotel operations.”

“TripAdvisor content is clearly among the most important measures of hotel guest satisfaction,” said Jay Ashton, co-founder and CEO of Revinate. “TripAdvisor reviews not only provide invaluable feedback to hoteliers, they also impact the booking decisions of millions of travelers. Our partnership with TripAdvisor allows us to analyze the most comprehensive source of hotel reviews and provide hoteliers with the insight and tools they need in order to act upon this rich source of feedback.”

“As a customer-focused organization, we depend on reviews from sites such as TripAdvisor for detailed feedback on our performance,” said J.C. Thompson, Director of Training and Quality at InterContinental Montelucia Resort & Spa, a Revinate client. “We use Revinate’s insight and analysis to continually improve our operations, service levels and staff training.”

Online reviews and social media are now the ultimate measures of guest satisfaction and drivers of demand for hotels, and Revinate harnesses this stream of data into business intelligence that hoteliers can easily act upon. With Revinate, hoteliers can prioritize and track the success of operational improvements, and intuitively use social media to develop new marketing channels, provide customer service and drive incremental revenue.

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  1. In my consulting eftrfos I have repeatedly had to inform our customers that Tripadvisor and review sites are here to stay. It’s part of the online world we live in and we need to use it to our advantage.Instead of contesting bad reviews on Tripadvisor one should concentrate on getting more good reviews by really doing a good job and making it known. The 90-9-1 rule applies here more than elsewhere. Only 2 types of people make comments, very happy and very unhappy. Your job is to take the just happy and make them very happy. They’ll leave great comments.There will always be unhappy people so trying to stop them is a bad strategy concentrate on the majority and they’ll promote your hotel for you.

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