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Revinate’s Dynamic Content Module

We know that personalization is the key to driving better engagement, both on and off the property. Our guests naturally respond better when content and experiences are tailored to them and take their preferences into account. For example, if you frequently travel with your family and you receive a promotional email showcasing a boozy weekend pool party, it probably wouldn’t resonate as much as an email featuring kid-friendly activities on the property. But personalization can be time-consuming to set up and get right.

Hyper-personalization made easy

In order to enable hoteliers to save time and drive better results through personalization, we created a dynamic content module in Revinate Marketing. This feature makes it easy to send hyper-personalized content to guests, without having to spend time and energy setting up a variety of segments and templates. 

Direct from your database

Using Revinate’s enhanced email composer, hospitality marketers can easily add a dynamic content module within an email to display personalized content, automatically pulled from reservation information and/or demographic information stored in your rich guest profiles. Like everything in Revinate Marketing, this feature is designed for marketers so there’s no need for coding or design experience. 

Taking it one step further

This functionality can be leveraged for many campaign types, including both transactional emails and promotional marketing campaigns. In transactional emails, for example, you can automatically display the correct cancellation policy by rate type on confirmation emails. Or, in promotional emails, you can automatically display a certain room type offer, depending on the last stay, to drive the best results. (“Stay in a {suite} again and enjoy free breakfast each morning.”)

Going beyond the norm

There are many opportunities for personalization using the dynamic content module in Revinate Marketing. In transactional campaigns, dynamic content can include channel, guarantee code, market, rate code, or room type. In marketing promotions, dynamic content can include board basis, channel, guarantee code, market, payment instruction rate code, and room type. Any type of email can be personalized by language or gender. 

If your mind is spinning with possibilities, reach out for a demo. We would love to show you how easy it is to dynamically display personalized content to guests, without spending a lot of time or effort in the setup.