Scandinavian hotels find success with Revinate - Revinate

Scandinavian hotels find success with Revinate

In this year’s Hotel Email Marketing Benchmark Report, we analyzed data from over 226 million emails to understand how hoteliers are using their email marketing and how guests are responding. Here’s the good news. Scandinavian hotels, customers of Revinate are performing significantly above the global average on three key engagement metrics. 

Scandinavian Hotels Email Campaign Performance

Scandinavian hotels email campaign performance stats

As the charts show, open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates are all well above industry averages. What’s particularly interesting is that the Scandanavia region sees more than double the conversion rate of the global benchmark. 

When we drill down into specific campaign types, we see the same story: success for our Scandinavian customers.

Pre-Arrival Emails

Pre-Arrival Emails With Upsells
Pre-Arrival Emails With Upsells


Those customers who send pre-arrival emails with upsells saw an open rate ten percentage points higher and a click-thru rate nine percentage points higher, translating into higher incremental revenue through upsells. These emails are great ways to improve the guest experience by allowing guests to customize their stay before they arrive on property. 

One Time Promotions

Onetime promotions

When it comes to one time promotions, Revinate’s Scandinavian customers see strong open rates. Events and announcements did exceptionally well and Room offers had high open rates as well. Below is an example of a successful campaign from one of our customers, Andersen Hotel. 

Easter Promotion Scandinavian Hotels
Easter Promotion

Recurring campaigns stats

The OTA winback is a crucial tool in any hotelier’s toolbox. It’s a way to turn one-time guests who booked through an OTA into loyal, returning customers. We’re thrilled to see that guests are interacting with these emails at a rate of 53 percent!

The same can be said for We Miss You campaigns. These are great drivers of repeat bookings, and also see very strong performance in the Scandinavian region. 

Scandinavian Hotels Booking Window

Booking Window, Scandinavia
Booking Window, Scandinavia

The booking window for Scandinavia, we see that, much like other regions, almost half of all bookings come within a week of the check-in date. Those who booked further out were more or less evenly spread over the other periods. This suggests that flash sales and other short-term campaigns may see healthy results. 


Scandinavian hoteliers on the Revinate platform are enjoying above-average campaign engagement across the board. Automated campaigns, which are easy to set up with Revinate Marketing, stand out as strong opportunities for hoteliers to lift revenue. 

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