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2011 – How Did We Do?

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As we come to the end of 2011, I wanted to share some stats related to our clients’ performance. The Revinate database contains paying customers as well as their comp set hotels so we can easily track the performance of both customers and non-customers. Across every metric we examined, our customers are out-performing non-customers. See what happens when you take the time to manage your online reputation? Here are some reasons to be proud to call yourself a Revinator:

* Revinate customers are far more likely to publicly respond to a TripAdvisor review than non-customers. Close to 73% of Revinate customers responded to a review in the second half of 2011. Only 44% of non-customers publicly responded to a review in the same time period.

* The average TripAdvisor rating of a Revinate customer for the second half of the year was 4.16 (out of 5). The average rating of non-customers was 4.018. A narrow victory!

* Revinate clients are quicker to respond to reviews than non-clients, shaving more than day off the average response time.

Want something to aspire to? Holiday Inn St Louis Forrest Hill responded to 100% of their reviews. And their response was published 2.938 days after the initial review was posted. With time for TripAdvisor to moderate, that’s speedy! Oh, and their average rating happens to be 4.562!

And finally, since our clients often ask whether they should be responding to positive reviews as well as negative ones, I wanted to share what your colleagues do. Your colleagues responded to 28% of 4 and 5 star reviews. 32% of 3 star reviews and 46.52% of 1 and 2 star reviews.




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