Social Media Action Plan for Hoteliers

At Revinate, we have the opportunity to work with hotels at all levels of the social media spectrum. Some have embraced Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare with gusto while others are just getting started by monitoring reviews on TripAdvisor. We see, first hand, what works and what doesn’t work.

Because getting started in social media can be overwhelming and stressful for hotel staff, we wanted to help by creating a Social Media Action Plan for Hoteliers. The Revinate Framework includes four categories of social media action:

1) Public Guest Satisfaction and Online Reputation Management

2) Competitive Intelligence from Public Guest Satisfaction

3) Social Media Engagement

4) Portfolio Management (for brands and corporate groups)

After you understand the framework, we make it very easy to create a plan that works for your property, taking into account the resources you already have in place.

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  1. Hello again, it’s the night shift gal doing her research. I am blsesed with a wonderful manager and we both think alike, two great minds combined But we talk a lot about comments regarding our hotel and how to deal with negative and/or false statements as well as how not to rest on our laurels when we get good reviews.The next big thing for us is ‘social media’ and how we can expose our humble adobe in the cyberspace. So, I had better get to my reading and thank you for so much relevant information. By the way, don’t you feel used sometimes ?

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