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Social Media Inspiration – It’s time to celebrate

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Many hotels, especially those catering to business travels, suffer from a lack of inspiration when it comes to social media posts. Amy Greenwood, e-commerce director, at Sun Development and Management Corporation, a 37-property portfolio, solved the problem in a fun, creative way.

Last year, when brainstorming unique ways to drive engagement on social media, she recalled the joy and excitement that her daughter experienced at school when celebrating quirky national holidays and decided to test the tradition at work. She brought the idea to the President and Sales and Marketing heads, and all were on board.

Amy combed through the list of holidays and pulled three each month that she thought would be fun ffor the hotels to celebrate in 2013. She brought the list to the Annual Leadership Conference and asked the General Managers to vote on one for each month. With a list of twelve holidays decided, Amy and the team got to work driving excitement.

As the primary Facebook Page owner for the hotels, Amy posts about the celebrations a month out, two weeks out, a few days before and then the Monday of the week the day is celebrated. The hotels are required to take photos of the events to share on their Facebook pages. In January, the hotels celebrated National Popcorn Day. In February, the hotels celebrated Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

Amy notes that the benefits go beyond having fun content to share on social media and sparking online engagement. She says, “These holidays have brought our employees closer to our guests. Our employees look forward to the celebrations and our guests love that we do things a bit differently and it always drives conversation and photo opportunities.”

Some hotels even go so far as to reward loyalty points to guests that get into the spirit and dress up for the celebration. For example, Red Hat Day was celebrated on April 25th and guests sporting red hats at certain hotels received 1000 loyalty points for their participation.

How do you inspire fun social content? Let us know in the comments.

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