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Last week I was in Charleston meeting with clients and some questions came up that I think many people are also asking so I thought I would use this post to highlight some frequently asked questions. Please add a comment if you have any additional questions that you would like me to answer.

Q. Can Facebook page owners send private messages from the business?

Surprisingly, the answer is ‘no’. According to Facebook, “Facebook Pages do not currently have an Inbox, and can’t be used to contact individual people directly.” It sounds as though Facebook is considering whether to add this feature in the future but for now, if you choose to send a personal message to a user, it will appear to come from you and not from the Page. Similarly, users aren’t able to contact Page admins through the Page.

Q. Who is the best person at a hotel to respond to reviews?

The best person to respond to reviews really depends upon the property and the staff. But one thing you should keep in mind is that you are really responding to the thousands of review site visitors that will read the review, not the reviewer himself. As a result, the person who responds should be someone with a marketing slant who is able to make the property shine and illustrate its focus on excellent service. This person might be the GM, an executive assistant or a marketing manager.

Q. Why is my comp set getting so many more reviews than me?

While it’s hard to know for sure, if your comp set is getting a lot more reviews than you there’s a good chance they are doing at least one of the following:

  • Asking guests to write reviews, either upon check-out or with a follow-up email after the stay.
  • Placing reminders within the rooms and at front desk encouraging reviews or showcasing review site status. (eg Travelers Choice)
  • Including a link to TripAdvisor at the end of the Guest Survey to allow guests to share their feedback publicly.
  • Advertising prominently on review sites or OTAs.
  • Providing exceptional service and amenities that people want to praise.

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