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The dreaded TripAdvisor warning

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.5 min read|

Take a close look at the image on the left. I hope this is the closest you will ever be to the dreaded TripAdvisor warning message that is splashed across the pages of hotels that TripAdvisor thinks are interfering with hotel reviews.

TripAdvisor’s Web site says that it has a team of moderators that examine questionable reviews. They claim to use automated tools to help flag questionable content for review in addition to help from the community, in the form of the ‘Report Problem with a Review’ link.

So what should you do to avoid the red text of death? According to the TripAdvisor FAQ, avoid these practices:

  • Writing a review for your own property
  • Asking friends or relatives to write positive reviews
  • Submitting a review on behalf of a guest
  • Copying comment cards and submitting them as reviews
  • Pressuring a TripAdvisor member to remove a negative review
  • Offering incentives such as discounts, upgrades, or any special treatment in exchange for reviews
  • Hiring an optimization company, third party marketing organization, or anyone to submit false reviews
  • Impersonating a competitor or a guest in any way

As much as you want to see a glowing review on your page, it’s not worth it at the expense of looking like a business that is willing to lie and cheat to make a sale. As a consumer, it’s hard to see that box of text and think that your property is worth my hard-earned money. I would think, “Hm, what else does this hotel do to cut corners?” You should also know that if you’re busted, you will drop in the TripAdvisor popularity index and disqualify your hotel from inclusion in the Travelers’ Choice Awards.

Any experience with the red text of death? Let me know in the comments, below.

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