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The Five Pillars of Hotel Email Marketing

We’ve partnered with Melt Content to bring you a helpful Guide to Email Marketing. As one of the most effective and affordable ways to generate conversions, email marketing is a veteran solution that is essential to the success of hoteliers.

We’ve broken down this comprehensive guide to creating a more thorough understanding of some email marketing best practices. This segment includes a five-stage Email Marketing Framework (EMF) and how to use it, so keep reading to learn more about how to optimize your hotel email marketing strategy.

How to Use the EMF:

  1. Motivation: Behind the best email campaigns are the motivation and strategy to make it happen. Without motivation, however, there is no strategy. Establish a clear sense of your target audience, your goals with them, and what success will look like for you. Know what you want and then decide how to get there.
  2. Data segments: Data comes first. Although it’s tempting to get creative, starting with data will make for a more organized creative session and a more realistic plan of attack. Start by choosing segments with enough accurate data to substantiate your goal map, and depending on how detailed your customer data is, use it alone or together.
  3. Strategy: Now that your motivation is high and data is plentiful, it’s time to create a hotel email marketing strategy. Think about what kind of email you want to deliver and how you will create it. Revinate also put together an Email Marketing Campaign Checklist to make sure important tasks are completed, for optimal results.
  4. Plan & prepare: It’s time to start taking action on the email. Consider elements such as headlines, copy, and images, but don’t forget about equally important aspects such as personalization filters, social sharing buttons, and CTA buttons. CTA buttons, which oftentimes lead the recipient to the next stage of the funnel, need to be clear, concise, and visually enticing.
  5. Performance metrics: Last but not least, prepare to track and analyze performance metrics. Refer to the EMF Wheel for key performance metrics. Your goals and hotel marketing strategies will dictate which performance metrics you should follow, such as conversion rate for sales-focused emails, for example. Check them regularly, and use the data to update your EMF and improve marketing efforts.Hotel email marketing: Revinate and Melt Content's Email Marketing Framework Wheel showing that motivation is at the heart of the hospitality email marketing process

Revinate’s Marketing solution assists with every stage of this EMF with tools that make things easier and automated. Want to learn more? Click here for a demo!