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The Standard Hotel Integrates Guest Feedback in Brand Marketing

Last Updated: October 21, 2022|Categories: Blog|Tags: , |1.5 min read|

At Revinate we’re constantly talking to hotels and restaurants about the importance of paying attention to guest feedback. Social media, online reviews and surveys all afford real voice of the customer data to leverage when making operational improvements. This guest insight can also help augment marketing efforts as properties learn
more about what their customers love and dislike most about them – a concept that one of our customers, The Standard Hotel group, has truly taken to heart.

For the boutique hotel group’s calendar this year, the company creatively chose to use real guest feedback to anchor its design aesthetic, incorporating comments about a variety of topics, from staff’s pet-friendly attitudes to the group’s embrace of the arts and live entertainment.

What’s so inspired about this concept is that the hotel group is able to speak to real, customer-delivered preferences while still speaking to the hotel group’s sleek brand image and promise. Refreshingly, the hotel group doesn’t shy away from sharing critical feedback in its calendar. One page even bluntly references a TV malfunction (accompanied by image above)

“Stayed here a few years ago and it is still beautiful! The only thing I recommend is… the TV is possessed. No matter which button you push: vol, channel up, etc, it just channels down – malfunction.”

The calendar is a prime example of what kind of customer feedback-driven environment hoteliers now exist in. Gone are the days when traditional, brand-driven messaging sits entirely separate from user-generated content, or when customer comments are only shared in private. Hoteliers in 2014 should embrace customer feedback for these very reasons and think about ways they can harness this feedback to enhance their brand and reputation.

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