Tips for #HITECnola: Optimizing Conferences with Social

The Revinate team is excited to be exhibiting again this year at HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology conference. Each year promises to show the latest advancements in the hospitality industry as well as discussions on key topics relevant to the industry. The 2016 conference will be held in the Big Easy – New Orleans. We’re in the final stages of preparation for HITEC and have a few tips for anyone looking to promote themselves and engage with attendees on social media at this or any conference.

Use the right hashtags

The first rule of social presence at a conference of this magnitude is to use the official hashtag. If you don’t quite know what the # (hashtag) is, it’s used to mark keywords or topics in a social post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make them easier to find. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

HFTP has designated #HITECnola for this year’s event. While #HITEC2016 and #HITEC will certainly be in use, there are specific benefits to using the official tag over these. One such benefit is that the conference will be promoting social posts on a large display on-site that shares Tweets and Instagram images that use the ‪#‎HITECnola‬ tag. What better way to get noticed than by getting on the big screen!

Mention others to stay connected

Another way to amplify your social presence and simultaneously engage with attendees is by effectively using social mentions. By using someone or a company’s @username in your post, you will notify users that you have attributed a piece of content or started a discussion. Whether you attend an education session, happy hour, or simply stop by the booth, you can continue to make touch points by mentioning companies and individuals on social media. If you don’t know someone’s handle, search for it and confirm prior to tagging. Twitter is the most widely used and accepted form of social media mentions, followed by Instagram.

Above, the user @MevanPeiris has tagged @revinate on Twitter because they attended a talk at TBCasia where our Director of Sales, Vijesh, spoke.

What to post

Did a speaker make a share-worthy remark during his or her segment? Post it! Then attribute it to the speaker on the appropriate company and/or personal handle. If you can, include an image in your post. This always results in more engagement. Be sure to include the official event hashtag and any other industry-relevant hashtags as well.

When a conference like this is taking place, people not there like to feel like they are and people there want to see what’s going on where they aren’t. By making your posts about the conference, attendees, and content, you are more likely to see engagement.

Be active and attentive

Take a little time to check on what others are posting under the official (and unofficial) hashtags. Engage with clients, partners, and prospects by sharing and “liking” their posts. Make positive affirmations or insightful comments if you feel comfortable doing so. When done right, these actions can open the door to conversations, face-to-face meetings and more.

Brevity is key

Conferences are a place where things move fast and people are busy. Make your social media content easy to digest by writing short, concise thoughts and phrases. Twitter will limit you to 140 characters. Keep this as a rule for Instagram and Facebook as well. Images with short captions are the content kings.

Be sure to Follow @Revinate on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay up-to-date with show and partner info. You can also say Hi to us in person at booth 1616. CLICK HERE to schedule a meeting.

See you at #HITECnola!

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