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Tips for Hoteliers: Shopping for Mobile Solutions

If you have ever returned to your house after realizing that you left your mobile phone at home, you proved just how valuable your phone has become in your day-to-day life. Now, imagine going on a trip, either for leisure or business, and leaving your mobile device behind. The scenario is impossible to imagine, right? It just wouldn’t happen.

We rely on our mobile phones and tablets during travel to do everything from checking in to our flights, to finding restaurant recommendations, to getting walking directions, and much more. In fact, TripAdvisor reports that 85% of U.S. travelers used their tablets during their time in-destination and nearly half of the polled respondents said their phone is an essential part of every journey.

Hotels need to adapt to these trends and ensure that they are providing guests with great mobile experiences across the entire guest lifecycle, pre-stay, on-site and post-stay. With done correctly, mobile can be a critical aspect of guest loyalty as it can power personalized service, information on-demand, two-way communication and surprise and delight perks. And, just as importantly, mobile can help hotels drive more revenue by making purchases and reservations more convenient.

But finding the right partner and building the right mobile solution isn’t as simple as hiring a team of developers or selecting a white-labeled solution, as there are many considerations that can affect ROI, guest loyalty and the long-term value of the solution.

In our article, The Buyer’s Guide to Mobile Hospitality Solutions, we aim to outline the most important considerations when evaluating a mobile solutions provider for your hotel or brand and provide tools that you can use when interviewing vendors and analyzing solutions.

CLICK HERE to download the full buyer’s guide.

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