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Top 10 Must-Read 2020 Blog Posts for Hoteliers

Covid-19 was the hospitality trend that just kept giving and giving. Our blog writers stayed busy in 2020 covering travel predictions, tips for email marketing during the pandemic and trends around industry recovery. But, they also found time to share some non-Covid related content, where possible. Here are our most-read blog posts that aren’t focused on the pandemic. 

(1) The Guest Data Platform Built for Hoteliers

At the beginning of January, Revinate started the year with a big announcement – – the hotel industry’s first guest data platform. By integrating data from multiple sources, the platform provides hoteliers a holistic view of their guests to deliver insights aimed at increasing direct bookings, profits, and guest satisfaction. 

(2) Three Revenue Generating Ideas for Hotels in 2020

We have to laugh at this one. At the end of January we shared some unfortunate news about fourth-quarter results for the hospitality industry and provided three tips to increase revenue in 2020. Little did we know what was looming around the corner.

(3) Why Pre-Arrival Emails are An Email Marketer’s Secret Revenue Weapon

The fastest, quickest and more effective tool in a marketer’s arsenal to drive direct revenue is email. And, the workhorse of emails is the pre-arrival email. In this post we explain why.

(4) Revinate Named Best Email Marketing and CRM by Hotel Tech Report Two Years in a Row!

This was our favorite blog post of the year for obvious reasons. In early January, Revinate was named the best Email Marketing and CRM in the world by Hotel Tech Report for the second year in a row.

(5) Four Non-Negotiables When Looking for a Hotel CRM

In this blog post, we shared four things hoteliers need to think about when assessing CRM solutions

(6) Email Marketing SOP

For busy hoteliers trying to drive revenue after a very difficult year, email can be the ticket to recovery. In this blog post we shared standard operating procedures that all hoteliers can use to develop a strong email marketing program.

(7) Three Lessons for Email Marketing to Improve Conversion

We strongly believe that email marketing should be a core element of every hotel’s marketing strategy. In this blog post we shared three ways that hoteliers can improve email conversion. 

(8) Three Drip Campaigns for Hotel Email Success in 2020

In this post, we shared three of the most popular drip campaigns that hoteliers can use to drive engagement.

(9) Everything You Need to Create a Powerful 2020 Marketing Calendar 

Revisit this post as you move into 2021 for great templates and tips for creating a marketing calendar that keeps your promotions and campaigns timely and orderly.

(10) These KPIs will help increase revenue and marketing collaboration in 2020

The hospitality industry has always been big on metrics and measurement. In this blog post we introduce the KPIs that marketers should be watching to prove their efforts are driving demand.

As we head into 2021, we are honored that hoteliers around the world rely on us to shed light on hospitality trends, predictions, email marketing best practices and news that hoteliers need to know. If you’re not already a Revinate customer, please reach out to book a meeting with us today. We would love to share our solutions for guest feedback, marketing and hotel CRM.